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Revisiting the Weekly Feast

The Weekly Feast kinda died a death after Christmas and New Year but I’ve decided to try and start it again….. I’ve come up with a few tools to help me produce a list of links and I’m going to see how far that takes me.

So, without any further discussion, here is your set of links:

These links might only include links to useful content, rather than being the endpoint themselves. If that is the case, the blog they occur on is probably worth a perusal as well…. bear that in mind. Anyway, hope you find something useful here, Ciaran

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February 17, 2006 at 5:31 pm 1 comment

Happy New Year

Welcome to 2006!


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Delayed again

Shocking, I know.

What I would like to know – is anybody using this?


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Weekly Feast 3

Delayed! Hopefully only till tomorrow [11/11/2005].


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Weekly Feast 2

Welcome to the Weekly Feast Number 2!

Interesting Links, some geeky, some not.

  • IBM WebSphere – IBM have come up with a Community Edition of their Application Server. Shame for me that it has come out at the same time as .NET 2.0 ’cause that means I won’t be working with it anytime soon.
  • Oracle Database Express Edition – Oracle release a mini-version of their database just as Microsoft release SQL Server Express 2005. Co-incidence? Who cares, it is good to have options.
  • Oracle’s .NET Developer Center – good stuff here including the Oracle Developer Tools for VS.NET
  • Charles Petzold discusses whether Visual Studio rots the mind. Whether you go with the argument or not, anything by Charles Petzold on a subject like this is going to be interesting.
  • The Dilbert Blog – Scott Adams is blogging. That’s kinda cool.
  • Rojo: the web is filling up with ‘social aggregators’ and rojo is a nice addition.
  • clipmarks – clip the web. just browsing the public stuff can be interesting enough.
  • MSDN Search has been revised. About time. The MS Dev community might move back to it from Google now.
  • WMI Code Creator v1.0 – I really need to get into this WMI stuff. There’s a hell of a lot of good stuff available via this interface.
  • The .NET Framework v2.0 Redistributable Package – I can’t imagine that you’ll be downloading this on its own, but it is nice to know where it resides.
  • PDC Content – for some reason, Microsoft have made all of the content from PDC05 onto the public internet. Download now.
  • Bill Gates on MTV – not content with being in Napoleon Dynamite (PDC version), Bill goes onto MTV.
  • Great Geek Feed
  • Open Source 2.0 – everything appears to be at version 2.0, even Open Source. Why is that? And when did ‘2’ become synonymous with ‘bubble’
  • Jeroen van den Bos discusses code snippets in VS2K5. I’ve only really started using VS2K5 in anger this week and I’ve found this functionality to be intuitive and useful
  • Scoble. If you don’t know what that one word means in the blogverse then follow the link and see what all the fuss is about.
  • Google is helping Open Office – hiring people to help raise the quality of the code. Why?
  • Create dynamic images with Einstein at the blackboard.
  • Atiki – stored searches executed for you. Tagging included.
  • TechCrunch keeps track of Web 2.0 ‘obsessively.’ Some really interesting stuff on Windows Live has appeared on the site, for example.
  • Omea Reader – I’ve been a big fan of RSS Bandit for quite some time now but I thought I would give Omea Reader a try because people on the MSWebDev list gave it some good reviews. Thus far, I am hooked.
  • MSWebDev UK, by the way, is one of the best sources of information on development that I’ve come across.
  • Blogniscient is an application that tracks what is hot in the blogverse. Similar, yet broader, to Memeorandum
  • Furl – this is not new but you might have missed it.
  • A really useful tip on how to detect whether you are running in Virtual PC or not.
  • A million links to ClickOnce resources. Ok, not really a million links but plenty of them. ClickOnce is cool.
  • A good list of free .NET tools; avoid the nasty comments about Reflector though. Seems like some people only pop up on blogs to be unpleasant.
  • LINQ for VS2K5 RTM; wow, that’s quick
  • NMock – a mocking framework for .NET
  • Deployment and Customization Best Practices for Windows SharePoint Services
  • Jon Galloway starts a really interesting debate about Regular Expressions and the future of expressions
  • Comprehensive database of .NET development Tools

November 4, 2005 at 12:02 am 1 comment

Weekly Feast 1

Welcome to the Weekly Feast!

The Weekly Feast 1 – 27/10/2005

I had originally planned to put these links into categories but as time went on, I decided against that. Maybe it is just because I am lazy or maybe it is because I could not think of the correct categories. They all fit into the category of the weekly feast! Huzzah!

Ciaran R

October 27, 2005 at 12:57 pm 1 comment

Contact Email Address

I’ve created an email address for the weekly feast – weekly-dot-feast-at-googlemail-dot-com.

Feel free to contact me about anything that occurs on the weeklyfeast.

October 24, 2005 at 9:23 pm Leave a comment


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